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  • Bohnenmus Mexican refried Beans with Nachos
  • Classic Nachos Our spicy Tortilla Chips
           topped with melted Cheese and refried Beans
  • Rajas con Crema Poblano Chili Stripes with
          Creme Fraiche and Nachos
  • Queso Fundido Melted Cheese (creamy) with Nachos
  • Queso Fundido con Chorizo Melted Cheese (creamy) with Sausage and Nachos
  • Ensalada Big Salad Plate with Dressing of choice
  • Guacamole Mexican Avocado mousse with Nachos
  • Molletes Two sides of Bread with refried Beans
          opped with Melted Cheese and Pico de Gallo Salsa
  • Chips con Salsa Picante
  • Ensalada de Nopales Cactus - Stripes Salad