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Aging for 16 months in white oak barrels.
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Color: bright yet dark amber colour with hints of gold
Nose: neatly balances flavours of wood and cooked
agave, with vanilla, caramel, and hints of coffee
Taste: creating a beautiful bouquet of flavours in the mouth and confirming the aroma. It possesses a great body with notes of boiled agave, raw agave, cinnamon and fruits, like pear.

Aged for one year in french white oak barrels.
Tripple distilled.
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Color: lustrous golden amber color
Nose: marinating spice, and charred meat, with subdued cooked banana and meringue aromas.
Taste: a round, smooth entry leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with grilled tropical fruit, salted/smoked meat, and peppery wood spice flavors.
Aged 3 months in bourbon oak barrels.
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: pure golden hue
Nose: sweet fruit, caramel and spice nose.
Taste: a smooth round entry leads to a dryish medium body with perfumed fruity agave, salty nuts, spice and caramel notes. Finishes with a fruity, zesty, perfumed spice finish. Elegantly structured, balanced, and quite tasty.
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Aged: rests for over 12 months in new, small, American white oak casks 
Color: gold tint 
Aroma: a strong presence of fruit and floral, with a lighter presence of vanilla 
Initial Taste: a semi oily mouth feel with a very nice entry, its sweet with no bitterness and the first taste being of fruit 
Body: a somewhat mild body (in the agave regard), with hints of wood and smoke 
Finish: a semi heated and sweet finish of long duration with a woody/fruity lingering

Tequila Chinaco Anejo is an enticing and rare 100% Agave Tequila which is meticulously aged 2½-3 years in government certified oak barrels to achieve its remarkably smooth and richly complex character. Savor this Tequila treasure like a fine cognac. Chinaco Añejo shares the same attack, intensity, and complexity as its predecessors, but has graduated to a rich, amber colour. The aromas are intense, dominated by earthy agave with a strong presence of pepper, citrus, chamomile, caramel, smoke, and butterscotch with a hint of wild flowers, vanilla and baked apple. The tequila has a velvety character, and while oily, it seems dry, an amazing accomplishment. The oak aging regimen contributes nice caramel and vanilla accents, but doesn’t overpower the bold agave. Its boldness is balanced by fruit, floral, oak and butterscotch, with a bit of white pepper.
Winner of double gold medal at the World Spirit Competition 2006.

Aged 12 months in french limousin oak barrels
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: pale golden hue
Nose: oak, smoke, hints of cocoa, vanilla, peppercorn
Taste: caramel, cooked pear, white pepper, cardamom spice, full body finish.

Winner of double gold medal at the World Spirit Competition 2007.
aged 6 months in french limousin oak barrels
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: light straw color
Nose: note the delicate fragrances of vanilla, peppercorn, brine and honey
Taste: fruit filled lemon, lime, honey, peppercorn, smooth medium body finish
Silbermedaillengewinner Spirituosen WM 2007.
Gold medal, World Spirit Competition 2008.
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: pure, clear
Nose: white, pink peppercorns, herbal undertones
Taste: agave flavour, spearmint

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