El Charro Silver
El Jimador Reposado

El Tesoro de Don Felipe Añejo
Espolón Añejo
Esperanto Añejo
Excellia Añejo
38% Vol.
Color: bright, transparent and brilliant, with
beautiful pale amber
Nose: the smell hints of boiled and raw agave, vanilla, syrup, cinnamon and a definition of light smoke and olives.
Taste: silky and full, confirming the cinnamon, boiled agave and hints of spice.
Remarkably full and balanced flavor, described by many connoisseurs as one of the world's finest sipping tequilas. Mexican law requires Añejo ("year") tequila to age for at least one year. El Tesoro Añejo is aged two to three years in oak barrels.

2007 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition Gold
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007: Gold
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005: Double Gold
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2004: Double Gold
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2003: Gold
Spirit of the year 2007.
Aged 3 years in oak barrels
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Color: light amber color
Nose: flowery with notes of orangepeel and caramell
Taste: very smooth, round, opulent with restrained agave, honey, light caramel, elegant, with a dry and spicy sweetness.

Aged 12 months in white oak barrels
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: rich golden amber color
Nose: deliciously spicy, mocha, and caramel nose
Taste: a smooth supple entry leads to a fruity medium-to full-bodied palate with rich dried autumn fruits, honey, and lavish brown spices. A very lengthy finish of sweet marinating spices and herbal agave. A deep and elegant añejo made for contemplative sipping.

Tripple distilled
100% Agave, 38% Vol., 700 ml
Color: clear
Nose: flowery, intensiv with pepper spice
Taste: light and sweet with round body, spicy agave, in the middle a hint of of Lignorice, finish with dry fruits and spices.
100% Agave
40% Vol.
Aged: no aged
Color: clear with a faint gun metal cast
Taste: white and crystalline tequila, amezcalado flavor, carefully elaborated in our distillery with a double process of distillation; 100% agave
This tequila, is not put under any process of ageing or maturing, but under a final period of resting before being bottled.

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