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nuestros tequilas
Herencia de Plata Aņejo
Herencia de Plata Blanco

Aged 18 months in oak barrels.
100% Agave, 38% Vol., 700 ml
Color: gold with a yellow hue
Nose: Marshmallow and sweet baking spice aromas.
Taste: a round, supple entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity, medium body with light caramel, spice, and sweet fruity notes. Finishes with a zesty snap of herbaceous agave and pepper that fills the mouth. A vibrant, gutsy aņejo with a refined edge.

Herencia de Plata Reposado
Aged 12 years in sherry barrels.
100% Agave, 38% Vol.
Color: dark Amber
Nose: exotic fruits, almonds, apricot, precious woods, intensive and strong
Taste: there are hints of raisin in the nose and palate, while retaining a distinct agave character. Full, mild and beautifully balanced
Aging for 24 months in white oak barrels.
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Color: bright yet dark amber colour with hints of gold
Nose: neatly balances flavours of wood and cooked
agave, with vanilla, caramel, and hints of coffee
Taste: creating a beautiful bouquet of flavours in the mouth and confirming the aroma. It possesses a great body with notes of boiled agave, raw agave, cinnamon and fruits, like pear.
Herradura Aņejo
Herradura Blanco
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Aged in used oak barrels for 40 days
Color: very light amber, clear and crystalline
Nose: cooked agaves, herbal and wood notes
Taste: smokey herb flavors with a touch of citrus and a long rich finish.

Aging for 11 months in white oak barrels.
100% Agave, 40% Vol.
Color: intense amber
Nose: cooked agaves, clear notes of cinnamon, vanilla and wood, beautiful bouquet
Taste: reminiscent of lemon, honey, grass, and vanilla. Soft, smooth texture; citrus is key on the palate. Rich, long finish.

Herradura Reposado
Hornitos Anejo
Aged 6 months in oak barrels.
100% Agave, 38% Vol., 700 ml
Color: gold with a faint, pale green tint
Nose: sweet cedar and marinating spice nose
Taste: a vibrant entry leads to a lightly fruity, medium body with roasted pepper, dried fruit, and spice notes. Finishes with a spicy, salty snap and a breath of heat. A very clean, precise reposado with an elegant, agave character.

Herencia Historico Extra Aņejo 
Premium Tequila tequilla
100% Agave Tequila, 38% Vol.
Colour: clear
Nose: sweet, smoky, herbaceous, spicy nose.
Flavour: a quick entry leads to a dry, light-bodied palate with herbs and a nice smoked Agave note. Finishes with a wave of sweet fruit, heat, and a nice mint, black pepper snap. A clean and purely flavoured blanco.

Aged for 12 months in American white oak barrels
100% Blue Agave, 38% Vol.
Colour: Copper color
Nose: Caramelized nuts and orange marmalade aromas
Flavour: round, silky entry, dry-yet-fruity medium body with baked raisin, vanilla, and delicate peppery spices on the soft gentle vanilla pudding cake finish.